Estão disponíveis estágios profissionais pagos na Estónia para este Verão!
15 / 05 / 2017

O pequeno boutique resort de luxo Pädaste Manor, na Estónia, líder em hospitalidade nos Estados Bálticos, está a oferecer experiências de estágio fabulosas para este Verão.

Estão disponíveis estágios profissionais pagos de junho a setembro de 2017 e 2018 para duas posições: Member of the Service Team e Maker of Preserves

Para mais informações sobre o Pädaste Manor, visita o website www.padaste.ee ou lê este blog post: https://www.storyaboutfood.com/travel/2017/5/10/padaste-manor-estonia 

Sobre o estágio para Member of the Service Team:

Service Team Member  
Professional Internship  Alexander Restaurant & Pädaste Yacht Club 
As a member of the Service Team you deliver great hospitality to our clients.  
Pädaste Manor is known for its simple luxury and innovative approach to hospitality. The 5-star boutique resort on Muhu Island is one of the finest in the Nordic region.  
The Nordic Islands’ Cuisine in Alexander Restaurant attracts local and international diners in an elegant but relaxed setting, the Pädaste Yacht Club is the place for a leisurely lunch with panoramic views over the bay. 
We are looking for a young waiter (F/M) with a passion for hospitality. Good communication skills and a cheerful character are important in this job as well as good command of English language.  
At Pädaste we hire for attitude and train for skills, in other words this professional Internship is a great opportunity to develop yourself. 
You will work under guidance of Maître d’ Carlo Vanzan and Michelin starred Chef de Cuisine Matthias Diether. 
The professional internship starts on 1 June and lasts until 30 September. The Professional Internship is a salaried position and lodging will be provided. 
A truly unique experience at Pädaste Manor! 


Sobre o estágio para Maker of Preserves:

Maker of Preserves
Professional Internship Alexander Restaurant
The Maker of Preserves explores the act of preservation in and out of the kitchen and works ahead of time.
With most of natures’ growth limited to 5 months a year on Muhu Island, smoking, fermenting, curing, drying and other conservation techniques are essential in the Nordic Islands’ Cuisine in Alexander Restaurant at Pädaste Manor.
We are looking for a young cook (F/M) with a passion for vegetables, herbs, berries and fruits who likes to be responsible for the preservation act in our kitchen. A curiosity for preservation techniques and appetite for experimentation and innovation are important in this job.
Your domain for produce is the kitchen garden, the fields, meadows and forests surrounding Pädaste Manor.
You will work under guidance of Michelin starred Chef de Cuisine Matthias Diether and in close collaboration with Horticulturist Anna-Liisa Piiroja who is responsible for foraging in the wild and the produce in the estates’ kitchen garden.
The professional internship starts on 1 June and lasts until 30September. The Professional Internship is a salaried position and lodging will be provided.
A truly unique experience at Pädaste Manor!

To apply send your cv & motivation to: work@padaste.ee

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